Make Your Own Wine

wine corks

Winemaking has changed drastically over the last few years.  People used to make their own wine because it was an inexpensive alternative but now there are far more reasons why you should think about crafting your own wine.

Winemaking is Fun!

Quality Vintners offers winemakers a stress-free unique experience. Our friendly staff will provide easy instructions and help you throughout the winemaking process.

Make wine as a couple or with family and friends to spend quality time together. Meet up and craft wine with other winemakers to share winemaking tips and techniques. Craft winemaking is also a wonderful hobby to do by yourself that offers rewarding results.

You Can Take Pride in your Wine!

Quality Vintners is proud to offer RJS Craft Winemaking Kits in our Hamilton store.

With over 250 styles to choose from, you’ll have the opportunity to create a custom wine cellar of award-winning quality wines, of all kinds, to share with friends and family. Serve your own crafted fabulous vintage wine to guests at a special event, perhaps your wedding. Your guests will be impressed!

Winemaking is Cost-Effective

Make your own wine for a fraction of the cost of purchasing your favourite brands. Your crafted wine will be just as good, if not better.

Quality Vintners is committed to providing premium winemaking products and supplies and the highest quality of service to our customers at an affordable cost.

So Convenient!

By stocking your wine cellar with your own crafted wine, you’ll always be ready for special occasions and unexpected guests. No more running to the wine store at the last minute!

It’s Green!

You can reuse your wine bottles every time you return to make more wine at Quality Vintners!

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