The Winemaking Process

wine with corks

You can craft your very own wine product in one of two ways:

With the facilities at Quality Vintners

It’s as easy as three simple steps:

  1. Visit us at Quality Vintners.  We will help you choose a perfect selection for your tastes and needs from over 80 wine styles!  All you have to do is add the ingredients and start the fermentation process with a sprinkling of yeast!  Magic!
  2. After 4-8 weeks, depending on the wine you have chosen, make an appointment to come back to bottle your wine which has been expertly guided through the winemaking process!  Bottle your wine, cork it, and then finish your bottle presentation with a wide assortment of labels and shrink tops – you can even personalize your own labels to really make it yours!  Express yourself – this is the fun part
  3. Take it home and enjoy!  This is the really fun part!  Much like finished wine found at your local wine retailer, RJS products can benefit from some aging in the bottle.  We can help you with some recommendations.  Then enjoy the fruits of your labour with your friends and family – don’t forget to share!!

Make your Wine at Home

If you wish to get really hands on in the process, make your own wine at home!   It’s fun, easy, and allows you to earn serious bragging rights!

  1. Come into our store.  We will help you choose your favourite wine style and help you with any equipment and materials you will need.
  2. Before you start, familiarize yourself with the ingredients and instructions.  Different kits have different ingredients although they all follow the same basic process.  It’s super easy and you can call us (905) 545-7826 at any point if you have questions!
  3. Sanitize your equipment.
  4. Add the ingredients according to the instructions and sprinkle the yeast on top to get the fermentation party started!
  5. Monitor the fermentation process and once complete, transfer the wine into a carboy and add the ingredients (Chitosan and kieselsol) to begin the clearing process.
  6. Optional – Filter your wine to ensure your wine is clear!
  7. Bottle your wine.  Quality Vintners has all the bottles, corks, capsules and labels needed to create a finished look that’s uniquely yours.
  8. Enjoy (and don’t forget to share)! Much like wine found at your local wine retailer, RJS products can benefit from some aging in bottle.  We at Quality Vintners can help you with some recommendations!  Congratulations on becoming a Quality Vintners and RJS Craft Winemaker!

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